My getaway

My getaway

Today I depart for Paso Robles for a month long writing retreat. A month. I can hardly believe it. The beagles will be with me, and Chris and different friends will be with me from time to time. 155And for a few days I’ll be in Corte Madera at the Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference.  But mostly, I’ll be in Paso Robles writing to my heart and soul’s content (and extreme frustration, because that’s how writer’s roll). There will be wine, there will be taking my laptop to wineries to sit and sip and write amongst the vines and the beauty, there will be long dog walks, and yoga, and healthy eating (and comfort eating, because…vacation).

Who wouldn't be inspired by this?

Who wouldn’t be inspired by this?

There will be sleeping, and dreaming, and staying up as late as I want, sleeping in as long as I want, and coffee to assist with it all. I can’t even believe I get this chance. I didn’t even say much about the plan to too many folks because I figured I’d never pull it off. But the day has arrived. My law office is under control (thanks Cheri, Jennifer and Amy!); my clients were happy for me; bills have been paid. This is happening people. I’ll check back in and let you know how the fantasy goes.

We're ready to go!

We’re ready to go!

Happy Summertime to all!!! Cheers from me and the beagles!200