I’m getting really tired of these posts. And angry. But, here we go again.

The team…springing into action again

My vet called Saturday night (he’d been out of town; and he’s a friend) with Daphne’s biopsy report. The lump on her chest was cancer. A mast cell tumor–exactly what Seamus had the first time. The whole story in the book. And there it is. Again.

See what I mean about being pissed? The “good” news is that the vet got clean margins on the tumor excision–and hey, you read the book right? So we’re all experts on what “clean margins” mean. It means, we hope, there is no cancer left behind in the body. At least not that we can see. We’re ordering a more extensive pathology report to get the grading, etc. in order to determine whether anything more needs to be done. There may not be anything else needed. Mast cell tumors are the most treatable cancer in dogs. But it’s still cancer. Seamus’s was considered high risk because of its location. Daphne’s was in a “better” spot. That’s about all we know right now.
Remember when Seamus passed the bully stick/ baton to Daphne? Let’s hope he passed on his cancer fighting mojo, too.  Because this team is back in action. We’ll fight this one, too. We’ll beat this one, too. Daphne Doodle Butt, I think we can all see now, came to me for a reason and we’re not going to let her down.
Ironically, today I head into UCLA for my own oncology check up. Yeah, I’m a little freaked out about it this time. I’m a little (a lot) sick of  hearing “I’m sorry, but it’s cancer.” But after my check up and lunch with a friend, I’m headed to the holistic pet nutritionist who just happens to also be in L.A.  Keep us in your thoughts. I’ll keep you posted when I know more. In the meantime–pet your puppies and check for lumps. Cancer is a sneaky bastard and you need to be vigilant for your babies. And to help you with that–here’s what a cancer lump can look like:

Just to the right of the center of her chest–mast cell tumor.

Everybody thought is was a “fatty tumor” but I insisted on having it removed. I don’t trust lumps. You shouldn’t either.