Teresa is the author of the #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, USA Today and international bestseller “The Dog Lived (and So Will I)” which has been translated into six other languages and is sold in over a dozen countries. The sequel, “The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I)” will be published in October, 2014.

Teresa J. Rhyne is also, cancer-survivor, lawyer, animal-lover, vegan, recovering misanthrope, and reluctant optimist. She’s still pretty sure bad stuff’s going to happen to her, but now she knows she can handle it. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer eleven months after opening her own law office, Teresa’s response wasn’t “Why me?”  It was, “Well, of course me!” But then she realized, she was prepared for the challenge . . . because her beagle had walked her through it three years earlier when he was diagnosed with cancer and given less than a year to live. She followed her dog’s lead and they both beat the odds. Everything she needed to know to survive adversity, she learned from her beagle.

Teresa is the inspirational/ motivational speaker for the rest of us—those for whom perky,” “bubbly,” and “chipper” do not come naturally but who must nevertheless overcome adversity, with a smile or a growl. As Teresa says, she’s not touchy-feely, she’s just touchy.

“Teresa is an engaging speaker from start to finish. She is able to humorously discuss a personal experience that most consider to be quite sensitive …which was self evident by the laughing and crying in the room throughout her talk. She touched every single person in our group.” Jane Harris, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

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Teresa Rhyne One Sheet

Teresa and BeaglesTeresa shares her unconventional message (borrowed with permission from the beagles of course) anywhere an inspirational, humorous, cancer-surviving, dog-loving, pessimist-turned-reluctant-optimist, motivational speaker may be needed, including:

  –  Cancer Centers
  –  Wellness Conferences
  –  Women’s Conferences
  –  Animal/Rescue Non-Profit Fundraisers
  –  Corporate Customer Appreciation Events 
  – Keynote Presentations

Audience members will come away with:

  • A strategy for thinking like an optimist even when they feel like a pessimist.
  • The knowledge that somewhere between pessimist and perky, there’s a survivor (just not in the dictionary).
  • The comfort of knowing that while laughter doesn’t cure cancer (or any other adversity) it sure makes the journey easier.

A partial client list includes:

  • Hulston Cancer Center
  • Riverside Community Hospital
  • Morris Animal Foundation
  • Beagle Freedom Project
  • American Cancer Society
  • The Puppy Mill Project
  • Merrill Lynch
  • UC, Riverside
  • Soroptomists International
  • Susan G. Komen
  • Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center

A joy, an inspiration and a witty, funny speaker, Teresa left our audience with a permanent grin. Her loving and trusting relationship with her beagle Seamus was so special and heartwarming.

Katie Parker, Executive Director Susan G. Komen® Inland Empire

Teresa has the rare ability to speak with ease about uneasy things—illness, fear, death and family. Listeners are immediately drawn into her deeply human message through her warmth, charm and humor.

Seraphina Ashe, Guest Experience Programming Director Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Teresa connected with the audience in an intimate way, sharing her perspective of being both a caregiver and patient. Her stories were inspirational and woven with a great sense of humor.”

Autumn Bragg, BA, CFm, Community Oncology Educator Hulston Cancer Center, Cox Health

Teresa has been interviewed on CNN, CBS, and WGN as well as appearing in over fifty regional and national magazines and newspapers including Woman’s World, Cesar’s Way, First for Women, More, and Breast Cancer Wellness magazine.