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The Dog Lived (And so will I) by Teresa Rhyne

The Tale Of A Dog Who Wouldn’t Let Go And The Woman Who Followed His Lead.

Teresa Rhyne vowed to get things right this time around:  new boyfriend, new house, new dog, maybe even new job.  But shortly after she adopted an incorrigible beagle named Seamus, vets told Teresa that he had a malignant tumor and less than a year to live. The diagnosis was devastating, but she decided to fight it, learning everything she could about the best treatment for Seamus.

She couldn’t have possibly known then that she was preparing herself for life’s next hurdle – a cancer diagnosis of her own. Teresa and Seamus would battle for their lives together, while at the same time she’d bare her heart for a seemingly star-crossed relationship

The Dog Lived (And So Will I) is the uplifting, charming, and often mischievous story of how dogs come into our lives for a reason, how they steal our hearts, show us how to live, and teach us how to love.

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Advance Praise for “The Dog Lived (and So Will I)”:

“A story about  the courage to confront the adversities we all encounter and about love, both human and canine, and the strength love gives us to go on.”
Larry Levin, New York Times bestselling author of Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love

“This poignant and fast-moving memoir of Teresa and Seamus—both definitely Type A personalities—is proof that even a hard-charging lawyer is no match for a big-hearted beagle. Their mutual triumph over terrible trials is a testament to the healing power of dogs. Four paws up!”
Martin Kihn, author of Bad Dog (A Love Story)

“This book does a great thing—it shows us how to make room in our lives for disease and then to get on with the important business at hand—falling madly in love and spoiling a beloved dog rotten. It’s a book that dares to be honest and sad and hilarious all at once. It will help inspire many people to respond to the unexpected in their own lives with humor and grace.”
Susan Conley, author of The Foremost Good Fortune

“Funny, smart, uplifting and fun, The Dog Lived (And So Will I) reminds us that animals are among our best teachers, our most powerful healers, and our most steadfast friends. This unforgettable story of an irrepressible beagle, a tough lawyer and her unlikely boyfriend will make you cry a little and laugh a lot. Whether you’re facing a scary illness or just a blah Monday, this book is good medicine. I loved it!”
Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig