I realize I’m posting an awful lot about Seamus these days. Perhaps I should re-name the blog “Travels with Seamus.” Can I help it if his life if more exciting than mine? He is the famous one after all. (My life is good though–did I remember to mention that I had my 3 year oncology check-up and got the all clear? I have been moved to annual check-ups only. Yay me!! Now, back to Seamus…)

Today we went to Beaglefest in Huntington Beach. This is only the second time we’ve been to Beaglefest (hard to imagine, I know). Long time readers may recall the first time we went to Beaglefest was nine days after my very first chemotherapy session (so I still had my hair!). I talked about that one HERE and then again HERE. And the day after we returned… THIS (terrible thing) happened. And you’d think that a Beaglefest would bring back bad memories, but it does not. When I went to that Beaglefest it was so nice to just be a “beagle person” instead of a “cancer person” for 24 entire hours, that that is mostly what I remember. Besides who can resist beagles? Not this girl. Today was just pure awesomeness. Behold the Beagley-ness!!