About the Author

Teresa Rhyne and SeamusTeresa Rhyne is a lawyer, writer, dog lover and breast cancer survivor (though definitely not in that order). She loves wine, books, coffee and dogs (still not in order) and loathes exercise, Christmas, and chocolate (probably in that order). She has lived in Southern California (it’s like its own state) for her entire life but only recently has she lived in any one house longer than five years. She shares said house with her boyfriend Chris and their irrepressible, diabolically cute beagle, Seamus (the Famous).


 And About that Beagle

 Seamus hSeamus of The Dog Livedad a rough start in life. Animal Control found him roaming the mean streets of Moreno Valley (that’s right, he’s a street beagle) and brought him to the County Animal Shelter where, despite his microchip and obvious prior care, his prior guardians never came to claim him. Just in time, the magnificent crew at the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center rescued him and promptly brought him into Teresa’s life where he has quickly made up for any past hardships. His (assigned) birth date is March 17, 2003 and his full name is Seamus Luxury Leisure Danger Trouble Hunger Cuteness Rhyne-Kern (the Famous). His favorite meal is a chicken, bacon, bleu cheese, cheeseburger on a triple bun, with roast beef, pastrami and pork chops on the side, and Girl Scout cookies for dessert. Also, toast.