You may have come to this site because you read a book I wrote. If so, thank you. You may have come here because you are interested in having me speak at your event. If so, thank you. You may have found your way here entirely by accident. I’m still going to say “thank you!” However you arrived, I’m glad you are here. Pull up a screen and stay awhile.

During-Large (350 x 417)I’m Teresa Rhyne and I’m an attorney, author, speaker, cancer survivor, animal advocate, vegan, wine aficionado, book lover, coffee guzzler, and, thanks to my always happy beagles, reluctant optimist. It’s what those merry hounds have taught me, against my pessimistic nature (hey, I told you– I’m a lawyer—it’s in my training).   And here are a few things you wouldn’t know about me even if you read both memoirs The Dog Lived (and So will I) and The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I):

1.  I had my first job at the age of fifteen at Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, California. Officially, I sold souvenir books to hot, sweaty tourists waiting in line to buy tickets. Unofficially, I posed for thousands of photos with the sons of hot, sweaty tourists who thought I looked like the typical California girl. If you were at the wax museum in 1978, chances are I’m in your family photo album. Particularly if you were a young boy and your parents enjoyed humiliating you. I’m that tall, tanned, thin, blonde girl in a red, white and blue polyester jumper and blue Vans tennis shoes standing awkwardly next to you.

2.  I graduated from Hacienda Elementary School and Starbuck Junior High (both in La Habra, CA) and Lowell High School in Whittier, CA. None of those schools exist anymore. That is purely coincidence and not my fault. Not at all.

3.  As a kid, I had a hamster named “Diddle” (as in “hey diddle, diddle…”). I adored that animal like I do my dogs now. When I was in law school, I also had hamsters—one named Mistletoe and one named Monet (see how much more sophisticated I was as an adult?). I still love hamsters so much I almost want a Kia Soul. Almost.

commune-300x200Now let’s talk about my family because they are adorable!  Chris and I are still together, still happy and healthy, and still not married. Why mess with perfection? We celebrated ten years together on June 12, 2014. We celebrated with him working at a wine tasting event and me at the Santa Clarita Public Library doing a reading. Okay, so we kind of forgot. (We’re on it though—many romantic adventures to come!) Chris is very busy with and He’s spending quite a bit of time in Paso Robles, California and I and the beagles join him as often as we can. Because we all love it there. (Pssst…you’d love his wines too, so be sure to check out his website.)

Seamus the BeagleOur very beloved and diabolically cute Seamus passed away on March 19, 2013. We were beyond devastated but have taken comfort in seeing his story travel the world as The Dog Lived (and So Will I) has been translated into six languages. His legacy lives on, helping and humoring others, and that makes us happy. He touched so many lives and was truly one of a kind. He will never, ever be forgotten.

Daphne remains cancer-free, slim, trim and bossy as ever (just ask the neighbor dogs or beagle friends Maizy and Chloe). She channels Seamus with her devotion to food and is equally fond of toast. Her favorite spot is cuddled upDaphne and Percival next to “mom” (that would be me). And yep, she’s still got her Doodlebutt swagger. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Percival is a happy, playful, little imp who loves life with a zeal that surprises everyone, given all he’s been through. He loves his squeaks, all people, other dogs and the occasional treat, but all of that pales in comparison to his obsessive love of Chris. He climbs on Chris every morning and every night and any chance in between, for a good twenty minute session of devoted licking (um, Percival) and petting (Chris handles that part) and no woman or other beagle dare interfere with this ritual. Trust me, Daphne and I have found out the hard way.

Daphne-Percival-150x300Both Daphne and Percival frequently appear with me at events—Daphne’s favorites are the cancer survivor/ support events and Percival loves the chance to represent Beagle Freedom Project and help spread the word about shopping cruelty-free. He’s also helping to raise funds for a new Beagle Freedom Project rescue center to aid his fellow research laboratory beagles. You can find out more here: Percival’s Place. We thank you for your support. Thanks for visiting—we hope you’ll return. And if you’d like to be kept up to date on all the happenings—my talks, book signings, beagle extravaganzas, etc. please join our mailing list.


Author, Speaker… Reluctant Optimist

Teresa Rhyne is a lawyer, writer, dog lover and breast cancer survivor (though definitely not in that order). She loves wine, books, coffee and dogs (still not in order) and loathes exercise, Christmas, and chocolate (probably in that order). She has lived in Southern California (it’s like its own state) for her entire life but only recently has she lived in any one house longer than five years. She shares said house with her boyfriend Chris and their irrepressible, diabolically cute beagles.

Teresa Rhyne is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Dog Lived (and So Will I) and its sequel, The Dogs Were Rescued (and So Was I).  As you might guess, she loves dogs, so writing about them is an added bonus. She is, however, at work on a third book that has nothing to do with dogs…well,  so far anyway.


Teresa Rhyne travels internationally for keynote speeches and other presentations wherever an inspirational, humorous, cancer-surviving, dog-loving, pessimist-turned-reluctant-optimist, motivational speaker may be needed.


A pessimist by nature and training (hey, she’s a  lawyer!), Teresa has come around to embrace optimism, but only reluctantly. She’s still pretty sure bad stuff is going to happen, but now she knows she can handle it.  She’s even optimistic she can show others how to think like an optimist when they’re feeling like a pessimist…because she has to do this herself on a regular basis.

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