I’m happy to report that yesterday I had my check-up with my oncologist and all is clear. I am still NED (“no evidence of disease” for those of you lucky enough to not be familiar with that acronym!). I’ve been moved to annual check-ups, which means I won’t see my oncologist until next April. Pretty much I’m back to normal–annual mammograms, annual physical and, well, sure, annual oncology check ups. (Okay, maybe that last one isn’t totally ‘normal’ but I’m going with it.) It’s always nerve-wracking when these appointments come up and everything starts feeling like a lump, headaches start occurring (or I think they do), and the imagination swings into high gear. So it will be nice to not have that occur as often. And while there is some comfort to knowing that someone is checking on me regularly, I’m going to take comfort in the fact that they don’t need to see me that often. Woo. And Hoo!